Friday, August 21, 2015

Taco Night Pop-Ups at Last Word with Mixiotes August 24

Chef Marco Serrano knows how to fold ‘em so Taco Night taco lovers can hold ‘em. Tops a mean tostada, too. Serrano’s Mexico City-style street food is the real deal, and like real street food, it’s here one week, another locale the next. On Monday, August 24, his Taco Night Pop-up lands a 6 p.m. spot at Last Word in the Old Fourth Ward to wake up sleepy taste buds. Mamá Serrano is in town to prepare her speciality and a three generation Serrano family recipe, mixiotes, with son Chef Marco. The agave leaves were flown straight from México City for the August 24th Taco Night. Limited availability. Who wants one?

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