Friday, August 21, 2015

Article 14 Has the Perfect Pour for Discerning Palates: Exclusive Louis XIII Cognac

Article 14, home court to “Atlanta’s most expensive cocktail” -- the $99 Barrel of Jewels, knows discerning tastes don’t always have fat wallets. To bridge the gap, the Midtown restaurant is initiating a more purse-friendly “Perfect Pour.” The program introduces guests to the highly sought-after cognac Louis XIII de Rémy Martin through half-ounce ($40), one-ounce ($80) or two-ounce ($150) pours. Well-respected in the heady world of politics, fashion and art, Louis XIII de Rémy Martin is crafted by three generations of cellar masters using only grapes from the exclusive Grande Champagne territory of Cognac, France. Fermentation and distillation yield an “eau de vie,” which is aged up to 100 years in centuries-old oak barrels and then stored in its own cellar. Can’t mess with perfection, but you can pour it. 

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