Wednesday, April 14, 2010

“SOME PIG” leads our Hog Haiku poet winner to “SOME PORK”

Thanks to everyone who pulled on their thinking caps for our Hog Haiku contest for a chance to win Cochon 555 Atlanta tickets! Now one lucky poet will have a chance to take off the thinking cap and put on the bib for the delectable event this Sunday. Drum roll please… our lucky winner is whodigsben with this “terrific” entry!

As a kid, I learned
that Wilbur was terrific.
But he's tasty too!

Get ready for the smorgasbord, whodigsben! Email us at to claim your big prize!
We couldn’t let the runner-up slip past without a single oink, so we have to give props to AtlantaDude for this entry:

Tigger, Piglet, Pooh
Closest Friends Til Hunger Strikes
Piglet on the Spit

AtlantaDude, shoot us an email and we will mail you your very own Atlanta Dish t-shirt!

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dlgartin said...

Congrats and enjoy the feast!