Monday, November 13, 2017

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We’re thankful for friendships 365 days a year. And so we pause, as we enter the season of Thanksgiving, to express our gratitude in our favorite food-centric way through Friendsgiving Festivities. We’re talking good old-fashioned hospitality, centered around unpretentious yet delicious eats involving brining (look out, turkeys), wining and dining. Try siding a Cajun turkey with easy holiday slaw with apples and pomegranate, crispy Brussels sprouts with bacon and garlic, grandma’s corn casserole, roasted butternut soup with pears along with “thankful” rolls and no-knead Dutch oven crusty bread. We’re all for toasting friends with bourbon butterbeer, cinnamon maple whiskey sours, Crock-Pot mulled wine and homemade hot apple cider. Getting together for morning coffee? Crock-Pot apple pie breakfast and one-minute cinnamon rolls in mugs deserve a place at the table.

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