Saturday, March 11, 2017

Iberian Pigs Invade White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures’ owner Will Harris and Jaime and Kurt Oriol of Cobacha, LLC in Spain have formed Iberian Pastures LLC to import Iberian hogs into the United States for raising, breeding and slaughtering on Harris’ Bluffton, Georgia, farm. In Spain, these pigs wander the woods and forage for their food, a lifestyle perfectly suited to White Oak Pastures’ commitment to animal welfare, environmental sustainability, locally produced food and quality meat. Prior to 2013, both Spanish and U.S. governments forbade exportation of the live animals. When policies changed in 2013, the Oriols came courting Will Harris, and it was pure pork love at first sight for all parties, including pigs. Genetics, diet and versatility add to the desirability of these 100 percent pure Iberian pigs, which have not been bred with other types of swine as is sometimes done in Spain to keep production costs down. And while their cousins in Spain may munch acorns, Iberian Pastures’ pigs will graze on peanuts and pecans (courtesy of White Oak Pastures’ recently acquired 30-acre pecan orchard), which yield fatty profiles “equal or better to that of the best Spanish boars,” according to Harris. Butchery and curing of Iberian pigs also differ from procedures followed for traditional American pork. But that’s a “tail” for another time as we can’t hog all of the space here raving about these proud pigs. Poke around for more details on the White Oak Pastures blog and shop the White Oak Pastures online store for Iberico pork -- from chorizo and chops to jowls and tails.

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