Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ray’s Rio Bravo Salts Anniversary Month with Half-Price Margaritas and Mucho Menu Specials

For Ray’s Rio Bravo, a cupcake and candle don’t do justice to anniversary numero uno. Half-price house margaritas? Now you’re talking fiesta. Through August 31, Ray’s Rio Bravo guests can down 12-ounce house margaritas for $3.50 each – all day, every day. And how about some tacos to go with the toasting? Two-way tacos and a plate of three shredded chicken tacos, both priced at $9.95, top the list of anniversary menu specials. Chicken and steak sizzle in 2-way fajitas served over a bed of sautéed onions and peppers with lettuce, guac, pico, El Machino flour tortillas, rice and refried beans for $19.95. Those preferring Southern to Southwestern can delve into the Southern fried chicken and crispy salad fixings of the Church Lady fried chicken salad with cool buttermilk ranch dressing and a little fried jalapeño heat ($9.95) or gnaw on a half rack of baby back ribs, slow-smoked and glazed with house-made barbecue sauce and sided by rice and refried beans ($14.95). Bravo for this boatload of lunch and dinner specials, available in the dining room and bar – and let’s not forget those half-price house margaritas.

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