Monday, July 25, 2016

What's New on Pinterest: Praise the Lord for Pasta!

Is there a lean-on-me pantry staple that segues from picnic to potluck to tailgate more successfully than pasta? Hallelujah for Pastas to be Praised, a year-round mealtime savior. Show off summer’s fresh veggies in pasta with corn, zucchini and tomatoes or play up shrimp with tomatoes and spinach in a garlic butter sauce. Ever-flexible pasta salads please dill pickle lovers, BLT cravers and Caesar salad hailers alike. And then there’s the lasagna noodle, planking in Tricia Yearwood’s cowboy lasagna with pepperoni and green chili and chicken pasta or folding around family pleasing, easy-to-serve cheese rollups. Yep. We’re praising pasta. Can we get an amen out there in Pinterestland?

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