Monday, February 29, 2016

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White Russians and B-52s commandeered many a cocktail round back in the 80s, and Kahlúa, the java-juked key ingredient, is still going strong. In fact, with National Kahlúa Day topping off the week on Saturday, February 27, we're going Kahlúa Kah-razy around here! Kahlúa infiltrates every frozen drink, dessert, appetizer and cocktail on the board: mud slides (to eat or drink), pecan Brie bites, pecan and brown sugar baked Brie, tiramisu, dark chocolate cheesecake with Kahlúa truffles, donuts, homemade "Kahlúa," kicked-up granita, espresso martinis, gingerbread martinis, flaming B-52s and adult Fudgesicles.

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