Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Are They Tough Enough to Go Raw? Ward and Walk are A-Team for Monday Night Raw June 15

Executive chefs Layla Walk of Last Word and Joey Ward of Gunshow prove their mettle on the mat during “Monday Night Raw” at Last Word on June 15 from 6-8:30 p.m. Employing knives and a cutting mat, instead of punches over a wrestling mat, the two will knock out a selection of raw items -- from crudos to ceviches to tartares -- and offer them Gunshow-style in the dining room. Guests will stay on the edge of their seats, crooning to see what’s next from the two pros. On the B-Team (“B” for behind-the-bar), Gunshow cocktail cart conductor Mercedes O’Brien and Last Word beverage director Cole Younger Just churn out craft cocktail hits. WWE may corner RAW on TV, but these are some  raw and real live action crowd pleasers, right here, in the ATL. Reservations suggested; call 404-343-1274 for more information.

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