Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winter's Finest Wows on Marlow's Tavern Menu

Interesting how seasonal eating complements our hankerings. Winter's cold spells send us seeking foods entrenched with depth and flavors that warm souls and bellies yet light enough to entice a brisk walk rather than entering hibernation mode. Marlow's Tavern is winter ready, showcasing seasonal ingredients in revamped classics and new menu items. The crispy chicken stack, long a favorite, now snuggles alongside Parmesan-barley risotto with caramelized mirepoix, seared wild mushrooms, sautéed spinach and roasted thyme gravy. Beef eaters will rave over the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the crispy short rib with jalapeño and corn grits, sautéed kale and red wine demi reduction; and the grilled "center cut" filet with roasted fingerling potato, seared butternut squash and a red wine shallot reduction. Cold seas yield more riches for this time of year: pan-seared snapper with celeriac purée, asparagus, tomato fondue and parslied olive oil; and Marlow's popular lump crabcake, served with baby arugula, grapefruit, pickled onion, fresh avocado and jalapeño to heat up your palate. Sweet and zesty citrus shines in the new lemon olive oil cake -- a moist, spongy cake topped with fresh grapefruit, vanilla syrup and candied orange. Rumor has it that an old family recipe inspired this slice of sunny Italy on a plate. Iffy that Santa's leaving a Cancun escape in your stocking? Who cares! Get away to your neighborhood Marlow's Tavern where the glad-to-see-you vibe, a new menu to explore and a full bar shaking up tricky drinks warm your heart, and you won't have to try on swimsuits in winter. 

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