Tuesday, July 29, 2014

10th & Piedmont Sticks It to ‘Em to Win Travel Channel Chow Master’s $10,000 in Hotlanta Fried Chicken Battle

                                                                                    Credit: Clayton Morey

On a mission to find the best chicken and waffles in Atlanta, Travel Channel’s Chow Master hosts, chef Sam Demarco and director Frank Coraci, headed to 10th & Piedmont. Coming hot out the kitchen was executive chef Javier Viera’s spin on the dish. Paired with a dipping trio of hot sauce, powdered sugar and North Georgia sorghum syrup, Viera marinated chicken breast on a stick, wrapped it in applewood smoked bacon, submerged the entire thing into homemade waffle batter and then fried it to a perfect golden crisp. After competing against some of the best, 10th and Piedmont took home the title for tastiest fried chicken in Atlanta and won the $10,000 prize! Catch the Chow Masters Hotlanta Chicken episode and then head to 10th and Piedmont and try the winning dish available on the lunch, dinner and weekend brunch menus! 

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