Monday, February 17, 2014

Raise a Glass to National Margarita Day on February 22

Restricting your margarita intake to the summer months is like denying yourself a tropical vacation when you need it most. That's why National Margarita Day falls on Saturday, February 22. Looking for the right place to celebrate? Tin Lizzy’s Cantina serves seven house margaritas, from skinny to “Fall Off the House” strong, as well as five specialty blends -- watermelon basil, pomegranate cilantro, Mexi-mule, Texas or the Thai with 1800 Coconut tequila. Simply Buckhead magazine (May/June 2013) picked the St. Rita at Hearth Pizza Tavern as the epitome of summer in a glass. St. Rita wears tequila blanco, St. Germain and fresh lime juice. By the way, Hearth Pizza Tavern serves up the St. Rita and other margaritas for $5 each on Thursdays, adding another day of margarita mania to your week! A margarita bonbon from Chocolate South’s Cocktail Hour Collection works inside the box and out. This lime ganache treat, complete with margarita Himalayan salt, has all of the fabulous flavors of a margarita without the glass. Chocolates and cocktails all in one bite? That's a pairing we can get behind!

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