Thursday, January 2, 2014

Flex Your Mex to Create the Top Taco in the Tin Lizzy's Cantina 5th Annual Taco Contest Beginning January 6


When Tin Lizzy's Cantina wants ideas for their next top taco they go straight to their fans to see what ideas are on the tips of their taco-loving tongues. Flex your Mex muscle and imagine your own tempting taco creations to submit in their 5th annual taco contest. Tin Lizzy's locations will have notepads handy so guests can jot down their creation ideas when they have t-Ah-Ha-co moments. Rawesome taco? Ragin' Cajun? Eenie Beanie Miney Moe? Finalists' tacos will be included on the menu in March. Top seller wins first place - $500, their taco on the menu and 10 VIP passes to the restaurant's Cinco de Mayo party. Second and third place winners will each receive a $250 Tin Lizzy's gift card. One thing's certain, if you're hankering to win, it's nacho taco unless you enter! (You can never have enough cheese.)


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