Monday, November 25, 2013

MLA Team Shares Thankful Thoughts for the Season

It's Thanksgiving week, and here at Melissa Libby & Associates we are sharing what we're feeling grateful for. Food themed, of course. Would you expect anything less? Have some culinary favorites that you're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside about? We'd love to hear 'em! 

Melissa: People who love to cook: my mom, several MLA team members, many dear friends and of course the wonderful chefs in Atlanta. Because of them, I can eat well without knowing how to boil water!

Mandy: My Baby Bullet mini-food processor and Fresh Baby ice cube trays! Making my little guy's food from scratch has been fun, easy and most importantly, very healthy with these two time-savers.

Chelsea: My grandmother for teaching me to make deviled eggs and fueling my unnatural obsession with them, butterbean hummus’ ability to always be delicious, Aria’s scallops and risotto, the luxury of living in a city where fabulous food isn’t hard to come by and Shock Top on draft served with an orange slice.

Gretchen: Access to a wide variety of wholesome foods and the wonderful adventures of gardening and cooking with my family.

Amy: My crockpot, which allows me to cook easy, yummy meals in between my hectic schedule.

Emily: Family recipes. Making a dish that has been passed down generations just tastes better! I can’t wait to be home to enjoy family favorites like squash casserole and apple pie with my loved ones.

Suong: That my mom is such an amazing cook who can pretty much cook anything. I love that our Thanksgiving spread will have eggrolls right next to the mashed potatoes and that we’ll start with wonton soup before carving up the turkey.

Brandon: My brother, for sharing his passion for cooking and eating with me. Without him, I would never have learned to be so handy in a kitchen or so dangerous at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Brooks: For being a Southerner - we love and appreciate a good casserole!

Tuan: For the great chefs and bartenders in Atlanta who give me a reason to eat and drink with friends more often!

Nicole: Restaurants like Marlow's Tavern and Noche that bring a little bit of fun, "intown" dining out to the 'burbs. 

Linda:  For Atlanta restaurants, because my family isn’t cooking this Thanksgiving!
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday spent with great food and even better company!

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