Monday, July 15, 2013

Peachy Top of "the Ridge" View Gives Watsonia Farms Peaches the Best Flavor


Whole-y terroir? The unique combination of earth and air qualities is considered when growing the best grapes for wine production, and it also has a place in peach orchard selection. Watsonia Farms rolls across an elevated terrain affectionately called "the Ridge" by local farmers. The agricultural region rises up along the Savannah River north of Augusta and spreads eastward along the fall line from the piedmont of upstate South Carolina to the coastal plain. Perhaps Joe H. Watson had a peachy premonition about the land when, back in 1918, he purchased the first parcel of what would be Watsonia Farms and began planting peaches in 1925. Sweet nectar. Today, Joe's great-grandson Jeph Watson continues the peach orchard tradition along "the Ridge." The peach buzz is that the four counties spanning this area of South Carolina produce more peaches than the entire Peach State of Georgia! If you're traveling through the South Carolina midlands, stop in at one of Watsonia Farms' two stores for farm-fresh fruit, produce and fruit products.

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