Monday, July 15, 2013

King + Duke Hosts Atlanta Community Food Bank Supper Club on July 16

Ford Fry and his newest restaurant King + Duke are teaming up with Supper Club on Tuesday, July 16 from 5-10 p.m. to help provide meals for those in need through the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Ford Fry's commitment to community service is as strong as his dedication to his award-winning restaurants such as JCT. Kitchen & BarNo. 246The Optimist, and People’s Food Truck. On Tuesday night, guests can get in on the philanthropic drive as 20 percent of each tab during the ACFB Supper Club event will be donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. With no membership fees or long-term commitments, the ACFB Supper Club is a no-brainer. The only tough decisions you'll have to make are what to order once you're in the hands of chef Joe Schafer. With hearth-cooked fish, fowl and farm along with starters, bites and shareables on the menu, you'll be facing a lot of difficult choices. Of course, you could just maximize your donation and order to your heart's content. We say go ahead and order dessert and rest assured that you're helping those in need at the same time. Make reservations online

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