Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Withholding This Tip: RA Sushi "Tax Day Monday" Specials Keep Green in Your Pocket

Finally! Those taxes are done. Or, maybe they're not, and you're searching for solace. Either way, RA Sushi Bar Restaurant comes to the rescue with a "Tax Day Monday" special. The Midtown restaurant begins food and drink specials at the usual 3 p.m. hour and extends it beyond the usual 7 p.m. deadline all the way until closing time on April 15. Choose from more than 35 sushi, appetizer and tapas selections in the $2.25-$7.25 range as well as plenty of beer, wine, sake and signature cocktails priced from $3-$7. Recharge with Tootsy Maki, the Viva Las Vegas roll, sweet onion salmon tapas and more. Toast over creative cocktails such as Absolut Asian Flirtation, Pinnacle Strawberry-Kiwi Saketini and Absolut Tokyo Peach. Specials are for dine-in guests only. File early with the IRS so you can file into RA Sushi on April 15.

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