Friday, February 11, 2011

Atkins Park Tavern in Smyrna Tells Cupid To Get Lost This Saturday Night

As a girl who used to wear all-black to school in protest on Cupid’s big day (teen angst, anyone?), I can honestly admit that Valentine’s Day isn’t for everybody.  Atkins Park Tavern in Smyrna feels the same way and tomorrow night they’re proving it with their Anti-Valentine’s Day party!  Singletons (and even those who aren’t single) can celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day starting at 10 p.m. 
There will be a fun 'broken heart balloon drop' where the balloons hold raffle tickets that could win you prizes, gifts and house cash! Enjoy $3 “Cupid’s Tears” and “Anti-Love Potion” shots, plus Sol Junky will be performing live.  Tell Cupid to take his bow and arrow elsewhere and join the fun!

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Unknown said...

Cute! Sounds like a blast!