Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pig Poets Strike Again! Win Tickets to Streak O' Lean's High On The Hog Event

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We absolutely loved reading everybody’s hog haikus earlier this year for our big contest – so much so that we’re bringing back some pig poetry today for another tasty prize.  Namely, two tickets to High on the Hog, hosted by Streak O’ Lean! 

What is High on the Hog, you ask? 

On Thursday, October 7, High on the Hog refers to a night of live butcher demonstrations and a meat-centric feast hosted by Streak O' Lean at Engine 11 (30 North Avenue, NE).  Streak O' Lean provides informative classes, dinners and demonstrations to help folks appreciate and comprehend the power of local food systems and the symbiotic relationship of domesticated livestock. 

In simpler terms, they invite you to meet and greet over some great, locally raised and freshly butchered meat. High on the Hog begins at 7 p.m. with cocktails featuring bacon-infused bourbon and a full, three-animal butchery demonstration (hog, lamb and local Georgia rabbits) then heads to the table for a four-course dinner.

Now, back to those two tickets we’re giving away to a lucky winner… write a LIMERICK here in our blog comments about your favorite cut of meat and if it’s our favorite, you could find yourself at High on the Hog with a lucky friend! 

Rules To Be Awesome at Limericks:

Proper Limerick Form (thanks Wikipedia)
Be Witty
Be Clever
Be Funny

Not good at poetry?  Don’t fret – you can purchase your tickets online for $75-$100 each.  Slow Food members, mention your membership at the event and a portion of your ticket price will be donated to the Terra Madre fund.


Emily R. said...
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Emily R. said...

A nice slab of belly is tasty
Must cook it slow, don't be hasty
Soft succulent fat
That's where it's at
Goes straight to my thighs and waist-y

C said...

Man, that bacon looks great.
Just look at it there on his plate.
It’s all that I see,
And it’s calling to me,
I don’t care if I ruin our date.

Tupperino said...

Crunchy and crispy and warm
I smell it frying each morn’
It’s the reason I wake
And why I look bad nake’
So yummy it’s better than porn

longhu6 said...

There once was a boy who ate offal,
Whose friends all thought it most woeful,
Till they joined him for kidneys,
Sweetbreads and head cheese,
And found themselves ever so joyful.