Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lucky Atlanta Dish Winner Could Pig Out With The Best at Cochon 555 Atlanta

There are some things that are innate to being a Southerner. Drinking sweet tea, calling every soda a “Coke”, complaining about pollen and of course, our passion for our tasty friend, Mr. Pig.

Come celebrate your love at Cochon 555 Atlanta this Sunday as a talented group of chefs will prepare 140 pounds of heritage breed hog for guests and professional judges to savor and pronounce the best dishes based on presentation, utilization and best flavor! Five winemakers will also be selected to showcase their wines at the event.

Drooling yet? Grab some paper and get your brain churning, because Atlanta Dish has a PAIR of tickets to give away! Leave us your best Hog Haiku in the comments below and we will select a lucky winner to live on the high hog this Sunday.  Winners will be selected on Wednesday, so better hurry and start channeling your inner Haiku Master!

(If you skipped that day in school, refresh your brain on haikus here!)


Pam-tastic! said...

Piglet becomes Pig
Pig becomes tasty Pork dish
Heaven in my mouth

whodigsben said...

As a kid, I learned
that Wilbur was terrific.
But he's tasty too!

Maura said...

It's true what they say
Bacon makes everything good
Merci, bon cochon!

thepeopleseason said...

"Where's Pumba?" Timon
asked. Simba and Nala both
shrugged with their mouths full.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Gristle
Bacon, belly, or sparerib
Oinking no longer.

dlgartin said...

This little piggy
Belongs in my hungry tum
So delicious, yum!

angela said...

gathering of chefs
toasting the heritage hog
to crown porcine prince

Andrew said...

Nature's own candy
Truly, nectar of the gods
Pigs are frickin sweet

Unknown said...

Cochon 5,5,5
How I would love to partake
Fingers crossed, hoping

Unknown said...

The best chefs around
Deliciousness in every way
The pork flowed like wine

AtlantaDude said...

Tigger, Piglet, Pooh
Closest Friends Til Hunger Strikes
Piglet on the Spit

Unknown said...

Pig competition
challenging chefs to amaze
Stomach delighted

Unknown said...

Five heritage hogs
Belly, trotter, snout & jowl
No pig part not tried

Unknown said...

This little piggy
No market for him, rather
Brined, sou vide for me

Joe said...

I drank too much wine?
Can't be: ribs, bacon, pork chops
From one animal?

jwsobeck said...

hoof butt ear and jowl
swine and wine prepared by five
porkrific evening

SirJRotten said...

Run you tasty swine!

It doesn’t matter who wins

You’re all delicious

ardc76 said...

Hog Heaven Sunday
Pork Belly, Ribs, Chops, Oh my
Chefs, fun, and me please!

Unknown said...

As said to Moses
And the pig, it is unclean
Whatever, more for me

Mandy said...

Our contest closed at 1 p.m. today - thanks everybody for your awesome and creative entries! We will deliberate and get back with a winner!

Amelia PS said...

I can't wait for this event. I will be there.

JUST discovered your blog. I am a fan and follower already!!!

Amelia from www.ztastylife.com

dlgartin said...

Who is the lucky winner?

Mandy said...

Thanks Amelia!

Our lucky winner is whodigsben. Here's our post declaring the winner: http://atlantadish.blogspot.com/2010/04/some-pig-leads-our-hog-haiku-poet.html