Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MLA Hearts JCT

It’s the time when I brag about how much I love my job, then flaunt our fun in front of all who dread sitting in traffic to head to an office they are still not quite sure they like. Last night’s episode: Drinks at JCT Kitchen. We got together to partake in the fun cocktails and catch up on the week’s events. JCT has a great bar on the second floor, which has both indoor and outdoor seating. Unfortunately for us, the weather was a little too chilly for us to sit outside, but as it gets nicer, I am sure this’ll be our second home (it’s only 3 ½ minutes from our new office – not that I was counting…) While a few of the girls took the safe route (wine), several of us tried the cool cocktails. Melissa and Caryn had the JCTea -- ice-tea infused gin, Grand Marnier, lemon, orange bitters, served up.

I had the Rough Rider -- vanilla-infused 10Cane rum, Mexican Coca-Cola, velvet falernum, served on the rocks – which, despite my girlish embarrassment from the name, was definitely strong enough for a man! Then, just to make sure we were hooked for life, the truffle fries came out. All I can say is I think we may need to do some studies to test the addictive properties of those fries…(In my best Schwarzenegger voice “I’ll be back!”)

Til the next episode, champagne wishes and cognac dreams! Don’t you wish your job was hot like mine!?!

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