Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Comfort Food Outing at Kozmo

When your night starts with white velvet mac and cheese and ends with chocolate chip cookies and ice cream, well, you know it's a good evening. I had a wonderful time catching up with two of my favorite OTP friends last night at the new Kozmo Gastropub. After a celebratory Kozmorita we settled in to some serious comfort food dining. Loved their version of poutine - no cheese curd so it didn't seem as heavy - just braised beef brisket, gravy and pecorino cheese over french fries! And the aforementioned mac and cheese - oh my! It has parmesan, mozzarella, white cheddar and blue cheese. You can get a "big bowl" or a side. We got a side. Twice. For dinner we tried the beef short rib pappardelle and the Kozmo cheeseburger with a side of slaw. All was wonderful. And then came the cookies and cream. Ahhhh. We were so happy when we left!

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Jared said...

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