Friday, October 17, 2008

El Taco Preview Party

Last night I attended one of the preview parties for Fifth Group Restaurant's newest venture, The Original El Taco (which translates as The Original The Taco). As expected, this place was packed with people who couldn't wait to try out this new Mexican joint. Menu selections included lime-salted corn chips with salsa, "just-crushead" avocado guacamole, Mexican pizza, fajita salad and tacos. Cocktails that were served included beer, wine, margaritas and the favorite of the evening -- a frozen mojito. Fun, funky and fresh are all words I would use to describe this new eatery. Oh, and the best part -- they have a prize wheel! Upon entering, we were handed a chip with a number on it. Every 30 minutes, a server would spin the wheel and call out the winning chip. Customers won items such as a cup of queso, fajitas and I believe they were giving away beer as well. To my surprise, I learned that the prize wheel is going to be part of the restaurant every day.

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