Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dinner alfresco at Marlow's Midtown

I had such a yummy time at Marlow's last night. My roommate and I took our friend from Savannah there for dinner while she was visiting for a job interview (keeping my fingers crossed for you, Allison!). We chose the Midtown location because her interview was around there and she needed to get familiar with the area before driving around in Atlanta traffic. I've been to this one before but never for a meal. First things first, I love the ease of parking at this place - the deck is huge and completely free! We lucked out because there was a table available outside which made people watching very easy. Lots of couples, dog walkers, and strollers passed while we ordered.

The hummus appetizer is my favorite, so we started out with that. I was lame and only got a Diet Coke but Allison had the pomegranate martini and Sara (my roommate) got Blue Moon's Honey Moon Summer Ale.

Then comes the good part - dinner. Allison and I both got the lamb tenderloin wrap and Sara had the grilled salmon. On the ride home we still wanted something sweet so we dropped by the recently opened Yogurberry in the Terminus Building. You order one of the two flavors available (last night was plain and green apple) then add your favorite toppings. Perfect way to end a meal if you ask me.

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