Friday, May 16, 2008

Tasting the Great Wines of Argentina

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend an exclusive wine tasting event at Fogo de Chao that featured 14 top Argentinean boutique wineries from six different regions. The restaurant, along with QW Wine Experts, is working with the government of Argentina to bring in wines that are not yet available in the United States and hosted this tasting for 20 local wine distributors who were able to enjoy the magnificent display of wines and Fogo’s lovely food spread throughout the day.

Last year, Argentina became the sixth largest wine producer in the world. These 14 wineries represent the new wave of the wine industry in Argentina and, aside from a few exceptions, have never exported to the U.S. Naturally, the response from everyone in attendance was highly enthusiastic! One of my favorites from the tasting was Bodegas San Huberto's “Nina” Cabernet Malbec blend (2004) from La Rioja – full bodied with hints of cherry, it would make a great match for Fogo’s grilled meats!

We also got to speak with Juliana Arive Oroz (pictured in the photo on the right) of Vulliez-Sermet, whose award-winning Malbec I enjoyed very much as well. This is the only winery from Argentina's East Coast wine region, Entre Rios, so I was very excited to try their offerings!


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