Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Old Mick's Peachtree Location Becomes VITA in March!

Finally! The old Mick's eyesore on Peachtree has gotten a facelift. If you ride by you can already see a lot of the changes outside - the awnings should be up this week. I was lucky to get a tour inside and it's beautiful! The new restaurant, owned by Tony LaRocco, will be called VITA and is set to open March 17.
A lot of Atlantans know Tony as the guy who brought us Fratelli di Napoli. He brought "family-style dining" to Atlanta WAY before Maggiano's did! He eventually sold the wildly successful Fratelli restaurants and moved to Florida and we haven't seen much from him in a few years.

One day the word started spreading through the restaurant community that Tony was sick. Really sick. Turns out he had leukemia - the worst kind. Having known Tony since I did his opening PR for Fratelli back in 95 or 96, I knew he'd make it through. But it really didn't look good there for a while.

The good news for everyone is that Tony is completely recovered and is going to bring us a classic New York Italian restaurant which he named VITA for "life." And yes, for those of you who know to ask, he will be serving the famous and delicious rigatoni with vodka sauce!!! Yay!

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