Friday, February 1, 2008

Fun Sips at Food Studio

Meryl and I decided to stop by Food Studio earlier this week to try out the restaurant’s new cocktail menu…we sampled the Nectarita (Partida Blanco Tequila with agave nectar and lime pulp), Rosemaya (Hendrick’s Cucumber and Rose Petal Gin chilled and served up with rose water essence) and New Fashioned (Makers Mark Bourbon and pomegranate molasses with the classic muddle). All three are $12. Meryl is the biggest margarita lover I know and she gave the Nectarita four thumbs up (yes, four - you will be seeing double after a few of these). My favorite was the Rosemaya – the rose water finish makes this one SO refreshing. Always friendly bartender Andrew and Beverage Manager Chris Dean will keep you entertained while you throw back some delicious drinks for a fun evening on the Westside. If you find yourself in need of sustenance as lavish as these libations, Chef Mark Alba creates the best foie gras dishes in the city. It’s currently being served with a mini biscuit and kumquat compote. Get it while you can - the kumquats come straight from Alba’s father’s backyard in Louisiana!


Sheena said...

These sound yummy. I tried the After Midnight and it's delish!

Melissa said...

Is that why you two were late to work??? :)

Great post!