Friday, February 1, 2008

Ecco: Cocktails, Cheese and Charles!

After hearing such great things about Ecco, I decided it was finally time for me to visit once and for all. My roommate (Whitney) and I decided to have dinner there Tuesday night for some much needed catching up. I was ready for amazing food, beautiful scenery and great conversation. Well, I got all that and more during my first visit to this popular Atlanta eatery.

First we ordered drinks. I decided even though I was not a big fan of gin, I had to try the award winning Long Live the Queen cocktail (pictured left). It was truly a wonderful concoction and a great way to start off the night. It surprised me with its sweet citrus flavor and a hint of mint. It didn’t have that overwhelming gin flavor that I presumed it would.

Our meal was delicious to say the least and our waiter, Charles (pictured right with Whitney), was truly one of a kind. He was so energetic and gave great recommendations from the menu. We hit it off with him right from the start and he even sat down and talked with us a few times.

After chatting with Charles, we decided to sample a few meats and cheeses, the fried goat cheese with honey (pictured left), the pork and beef meatballs, the sweet gem lettuce salad and lastly, we ended with a caramelized onion and white anchovies wood fired pizza. My favorite was the fried goat cheese; it was like a cloud of yummy cheese in a sweet funnel cake-type batter – truly heaven! Overall it was a great night at Ecco. I enjoyed the drinks, the food and Charles!


Melissa said...

great post! and great photos!!

Whitney said...

What a great write up Caryn! It was definitely a great night, with good food, wonderful conversation and amazing food. Thanks for the invite!