Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What's New on Pinterest: Sweets for your Sweetie

Hand over your heart on Valentine’s Day, along with a super-duper heart-shaped box of Sweets for your Sweetie. Show your sweetie you’re not triflin’ with his/her heart (unless you’re making little fruit and brownie trifles), you’re truffling, as in brownie truffles and chocolate Baileys truffles. Keep them wrapped around your pinky finger with perfectly pink Valentine’s Day popcorn, pink heart-shaped macarons, s’mores snack mix and raspberry chocolate chip cookies. Looking for a love drug that’s FDA-approved (Food Definitely Adored)? We prescribe Valentine’s crack, a variation on that addicting cracker toffee, irresistible as you. That could lead to saving the budget-friendly DIY wedding favors pin…you never know.

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