Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ray’s on the River Plants New Signature Salads on Menu

“Brrr,” shows the weather app…or did it read “burrata”? Or, were you carried away, dreaming of creamy burrata, summery tomatoes and fragrant basil or sunshine-laden tropical mangos and ahi tuna fresh from the sea? Dreams do come true. Ray’s on the River fulfills all of those yearnings with fresh, new Signature Salads on its lunch and dinner menus. On the lunch menu, an empowering ahi tuna and kale salad with quinoa and the refreshing twist of mango, avocado and Asian vinaigrette ($20) sticks with you all afternoon. Ray’s heirloom tomato and burrata salad with basil pesto and toasted panko ($15, dinner only) stands on its own as a light dinner option or as a complement to Ray’s much-loved starters and specialties. Why wait for summer to fuel your body with kale, hearty green goodness and colorful fruits and veggies? Salad days and nights are here and now at Ray’s on the River.

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