Friday, October 13, 2017

Zoup! Night!

A watched pot does boil…and yields bowls full of delectable Zoup! See (and taste) for yourself by watching Zoup! video recipes (one to two minutes each) showing how to easily prepare soups, pasta dishes and more. Sweet potato chili is one such soup-ertainment recipe we’re hot to stir up this week, that is, unless we opt for Tuscan chicken soup or white chicken chili. Founded in 1998, Zoup! is the leading fast-casual soup concept restaurant with more than 100 locations featuring a dozen always-rotating soup varieties daily. While Georgia doesn’t claim any Zoup! locations yet, Zoup! recipes and products are available locally in Kroger and The Fresh Market stores and online at the Zoup! store. Circling back to the soup pot, before pot-watching, you’ll need Good, Really Good™ Recipes and Good, Really Good™ Broth -- the premium broth good enough to drink. Luckily, both can be found on the Zoup! website. As chefs and discerning taste buds know, quality ingredients count, and home chefs can use the same all-natural, Good, Really Good™ chicken, veggie, chicken bone and beef bone broths used in Zoup! restaurant recipes. We have a feeling Zoup!-er cooking and slurping is going to score rave reviews, and it’s not even Souper Bowl week yet.

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