Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Top 5 Tips from Melissa Libby & Associates, Turning 25 on Sept. 22

Seemingly she blinked, and 2 1/2 decades sprinted by for Melissa Libby & Associates. Repping the Atlanta restaurant and hospitality scene for 25 years gives Melissa Libby a well-stocked lauder of stories to share. Pour a glass of celebratory bubbly and toast Melissa’s humor and chutzpah as she shares her five-point list of things she’s learned over 25 years in PR.
  1. You be you (and you’ll be less cranky)
  2. Always find the funny (because the teams who laugh together do the best work)
  3. Don’t read postcards from hell (they’ll try to take you there)
  4. PR is not brain surgery (use common sense and a one-sentence snow policy)
  5. It’s all about the people, people (positive people are the best surround sound around)

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