Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Gypsy Kitchen is Buzzin’ about Kissing Bee’s Knees and Saving Bees with Special Cocktail through Oct. 1

Here’s one for the “honey do” list. Alight at Gypsy Kitchen this week, buzz through the cocktail list and land on the Bee’s Knees ($11) as your libation of choice. Through Oct. 1, every Bee’s Knees purchase at Gypsy Kitchen in The Shops Buckhead Atlanta fortifies efforts to raise awareness and fund Save the Bees. Small bees. Big impact. Without bees to pollinate plants, we’d be out of luck for our coffee, avocado and potato frites fixes -- as well as many of the other fruits, veggies and nuts we enjoy on a daily basis. Ouch. That stings. Help cure the situation one sip at a time by ordering Gypsy Kitchen’s “Bee’s Knees” classic Prohibition-era cocktail combining gin, lemon and honey. Worker bees, if your queen becomes enamored with this citrusy-sweet sipper, learn how to craft your own here.

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