Monday, July 31, 2017

What’s New on Pinterest: Under the Sea

Some swim with sharks and risk being bitten, we prefer doing the biting...into riches from Under the Sea. Scuba, dooba do into an ocean of recipes including the South’s best oyster recipes. Master perfectly seared scallops then swim toward Sriracha or apple cider-balsamic glaze, brown butter with Parmesan risotto or cauliflower purée with pine nuts and raisins. Be selfish and serve all the shellfish in Italian seafood pasta, paella or a sheet pan clam bake. Claw for crabcake burgers, lobster bakes, grilled tails and toasts. No scrimping on shrimp: go pesto-grilled, risotto-ed or coconut-baked. Calamari? Fish? Oh, mahimahi. You, po’boy, are landing way too big a catch.  

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