Friday, June 30, 2017

Himitsu Artisanal Ice Rocks the Cocktail World

Chip off the old ice block? Hardly. At Himitsu, the artistry of creating perfect libations begins with the ice in your glass. Himitsu creative director Shingo Gokan oversees an impressively chill ice program influenced by both classic and modern Japanese bartending and executed by Himitsu’s bar team. Each and every piece of frozen water served in a drink is hand-crafted. Physics, thermodynamics, saws, cleavers, ice picks and a special menkiri bocho knife all come into play creating precisely shaped and sized ice pieces. Under Gokan’s direction, it’s crystal clear – just like the ice itself – that ice is a vital ingredient specific to the texture, temperature, mouthfeel and aeration of each cocktail. At the reservation-only Buckhead cocktail lounge, specially trained staff adheres to an ice prep schedule, perfecting skills daily to hone the various formats of ice used in the different shakers and mixing vessels. Another cool consideration, Himitsu ice spheres are individually embossed using ice presses fabricated in Japan especially for the lounge and 3-D printing is used to create specific ice branding for private parties. Every sliver of detail counts here, just as you would expect at the luxury companion lounge to popular Buckhead sushi restaurant Umi.

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