Monday, March 13, 2017

What’s New on Pinterest:Sensational Sushi

Friday fish fries are a Lenten tradition, but what about choosing sushi for a change? Or, tossing sushi into the meal rotation on another day of the week? Sounds like a Sensational Sushi plan. Try rolling your own cucumber wrapped sushi, spicy tuna hand rolls or rainbow sushi rolls. Assemble healthy tuna or salmon sashimi rice bowls or collard greens sushi. Vegans can roll umami-rich smoky portobello rolls. Lure kids toward the healthy bites by making spring kazari maki zushi decoration sushi rolls or (gasp) PB&J roll-ups that resemble what mom and dad are eating. And, those who overindulged over Mardi Gras can rein it in with guidance from “the best and worst sushi for weight loss.”

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