Thursday, November 24, 2016

What’s New on Pinterest: Leave Me the Leftovers

Fess up. How many of you are happily in love with the Thanksgiving dinner “hang overs,” a.k.a. leftovers? Leave Me the Leftovers might as well have your name emblazoned across the top. Turkey, cranberry and brie egg rolls and Thanksgiving leftovers stromboli encapsulate our purposeful vision. Turn out cheesy breakfast stuffing cakes and toasty croque madame sammies or fill sweet potato biscuits to sustain holiday shoppers. For brunch or an easy supper, pour a spinach and turkey frittata in the pan or press waffles from stuffing and top with turkey, gravy, sauce or the like. Game on in the background? Couch coaches will call time-out for soup when scents of simmering turkey and dumplings, chili or turkey barley soup waft their way.

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