Saturday, November 12, 2016

Open HOBNOB Menu to New Dishes, New Drinks and Gluten-Free Dessert

Drop by HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern to try all of the new dinner items, cocktail creations and spirited offerings. Start with one of the novel cocktails: Getting Foggy With It, Easy Ride, Southern Charm or Spanish Inquisition. Bourbon imbibers get a boost from the addition of 30 bourbons and ryes to the bar list. Sip away while deciding on the HOBNOB farmhouse salad or Farmer’s Wife’s salad. Or New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp, braised short rib lettuce wrap, Southern Belle pimento cheese, Artisan Cheese & Friends, pecan-crusted North Georgia fresh trout, pork and veal meat loaf or those yummy and shareable New Generation duck nachos. If only all decisions were so palatable. Good news for those avoiding gluten. In addition to gluten-free salads, buns for burgers and gluten-free dough for pizza, HOBNOBers can indulge in gluten-free vanilla bean brûlée cheesecake.

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