Friday, November 11, 2016

Kevin Gillespie Joins Founding Partners to Introduce KUDU Innovative South African-Inspired Live Fire Cooking System – Sure to Fan Flames of Desire Among Backyard Cooksters

Few are better qualified to blow the lid off the American barbecue experience than chef Kevin Gillespie, a guy who titled his first cookbook “Fire in My Belly.” Atlanta restaurateur Gillespie has joined founder Stebin Horne and his business partner, Stewart Vernon, as owners of the innovative KUDU Safari Braai outdoor life fire cooking system. The multifunctional grill, griddle and fire pit combined in one heavy gauge steel dream come true ignites flames of passion and kindles grill thrills in backyard fire enthusiasts. Gillespie explains, “With the KUDU, you are cooking without a lid and regulating the heat by creating distance from the heat source, enabling cooking on multiple surfaces simultaneously. From a culinary standpoint, I have yet to discover something I can’t do on it!”
Gillespie and Horne met a few months ago and immediately bonded over barbecue as Horne shared about the South African communal cooking technique called braai, where South African farmers weld a cooktop onto their old disc ploughs to cook for friends and family. Read more about the fascinating KUDU Nation story and cooking techniques. For Gillespie, who created the backyard beer garden Communionat his Decatur restaurant Revival, outdoor cooking is not about getting the food to the table gas-grill fast, it’s more akin to inviting friends to be a part of the experience – firing up the grill, cooking amazing food then gathering around the fire to watch embers glow. KUDU does all of that in one steely unit. While similar professional-grade wood-burning grills run toward the $5K mark, KUDU is being introduced at an affordable $750. Gillespie summarizes his excitement, “I don’t put my name on a lot of products, but I’m proud to attach my name to KUDU.” Ignite the fire. Buy KUDU here.

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