Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Brake for Burritos! Road Trip It to 27 Willy’s Before August 14 to Win

Fill your guac tank with real fuel food this summer, and you could win free burritos for a year. Accept Willy’s challenge and visit 27 Willy’s Mexicana Grill locations before August 14 (not counting the soon-to-open Lawrenceville location). Stash all those receipts in a handy place -- they’ll serve as a sort of passport stamp, recording your purchase at each stopover. After collecting a receipt from each Willy’s, email community@willys.com to pass along the good news and set up a time to show off those receipts to the Willy’s team. For fun, post a social selfie “wishing you were here” or “greetings from” each time you swing through a different Willy’s location. Use #WillysRoadTrip to help build one giant social scrapbook. Why take on the challenge? Prizes! The first five fans to complete the tasty task will win free burritos for a year (a.k.a. 52 free burrito cards). An additional $50 gift card will be awarded to travelers who visit the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
International Airport location as an extra 28th stop on their adventure. Other prizes include a catered party with the Willy’s food truck and an opportunity to go burrito-to-burrito in a roll-off against Willy himself for a grand prize. So what are you waiting for? Keep this list of Willy’s locations open by your map app:http://www.willys.com/locations. Hit the road, Jack (and Jane), and do drive safely. The car in front of you also may brake for burritos.

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