Friday, June 17, 2016

What’s New on Pinterest: Father's Day Inspiration

This week’s board -- Dear Ol’ Dad -- has some Father’s Day tricks up its sleeve, like the “shirt” bottle giftwrap idea (he’ll never guess), a secret “stache” of cookies in a nifty-gifty bag and a generous helping of DIY crafts kids can make for dad. Pointers on grilling pizza, steaks, Coca-Cola or Sriracha BBQ ribs and Jameson whiskey blue cheese burgers with Guinness cheese sauce aid those mustering courage to take command of the grill on Sunday, June 19. Dainty desserts? Forget about it. Hone in on manly maple and bacon cupcakes, whiskey bacon brownies, beer brownies and more to follow that plate of chicken fried steak with Comeback sauce. Dad, you’re so blessed.

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