Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hey, Good Lookin’ -- Whatcha Got Cookin? Aria Now Open after Gorgeous Refresh

Always a beauty, Aria is back after a quick, albeit luxurious and rejuvenating, spa treatment. Chef-owner Gerry Klaskala is behind the kitchen door, creating critically acclaimed dishes as he has done for the past 16 years. The front of the house sports a frisky new look leaning toward daily comforts over more formal occasions. “Before, the room made you feel like you needed to wear a jacket, a place for a birthday or anniversary. We wanted to make it feel more comfortable, soothing, and relaxing.  I’m digging it so much,” Klaskala told Atlanta Magazine. We won’t spill all of the beans here, come glimpse the easygoing glam by making dinner reservations online. Living spontaneously, without reservations? No hesitations. The bar area offers no-reservation-required seating for casual diners. Photo by LuAnne Demeo.

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