Thursday, May 26, 2016

Appetizing Aperture

Saturday, May 28 is National Brisket Day. “Oh,” you say, “there goes my day, watching the smoker smoke that darn brisket into a state of tenderness.” Not so. The Brisket Burger ($14) at Ray’s Restaurants is ready at lunchtime, Monday through Saturday. Ray’s plops the beefy boy on a toasted brioche bun and dresses it up with local craft beer cheese, house-made pickles, bibb lettuce, vine-ripened tomato and onion and serves it with hand-cut fries, chips or a side salad. There’s a reason the Brisket Burger falls into the “Handhelds” menu category at all three Ray’s Restaurants –Ray’s in the CityRay’s on the River (also available on Bar Bites menu) and Ray’s at Killer Creek (also available on Bar Bites and dinner menus). You will need the napkin.

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