Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sow, What? Buy Certified Organic Seedlings at The Veggie Patch Sale April 23

Whether you intend to “farm” a raised bed, patio container, straw bale or tilled plot in the yard, our local frost date has passed – let the planting begin! First, choose your certified organic seedlings at The Veggie Patch sale on Saturday, April 23. All are priced at $3 a pot or a flat of 10 for $28. Located right off I-85 in Commerce, Georgia, The Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms is only a few bunny hops up the road from Atlanta, Athens and Gainesville. Don those overalls and dig this list of available seedlings:

●      Tomatoes (heirloom, cherry and hybrid slicers)
●      Cucumbers
●      Eggplant
●      Squash/zucchini
●      Sweet corn
●      Chinese cabbages
●      Swiss chard
●      Greens
●      Kale
●      Broccoli
●      Lettuces
●      Peas/beans
●      Watermelon
●      Okra
●      Herbs
●      Peppers (hot and sweet)
●      Leeks
●      Onions
●      Flowers

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