Friday, February 19, 2016

Kevin Gillespie Rousts Sleepyheads Out of Bed on CBS This Morning: Saturday on February 20

Rise and shine to chef Kevin Gillespie on CBS This Morning: Saturday on February 20. The feisty Southern chef/owner of Gunshow in Glenwood Park and Revival in Decatur pays tribute to the loves of his life -- Southern cuisine and awesome pork -- on the 9 a.m. show. Stars of his segment include Coca-Cola glazed pork shoulder, cabbage dumplings with country sausage, overnight grits with tomato-braised greens, glazed root vegetables, banoffee trifle with candied bacon and a boozy peach party liquor beverage. Put a fork under the pillow and get ready. They’ll be no sleeping through all these yums!  

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