Thursday, October 15, 2015

Aria and Table 1280 Spread PBJ for Good Dishes on Menu to Fight Malnutrition October 16-25

Chances are if you’re reading this you don’t know SAM. SAM is a nickname for Severe Acute Malnutrition, affecting 20 million children worldwide each year and is the cause driving chefs from Aria, Table 1280 and other Atlanta restaurants to jam out with peanut butter, creating PBJ for Good menu specials. Table 1280, for example, gussies up the spreads in a peanut butter and jelly mousse bar dessert of freshly baked homemade sponge cake with peanut butter mousse and strawberry gelée. From World Hunger Day, Friday, October 16 through Sunday, October 25, participating restaurants will donate sales proceeds from their chefs’ PB&J creations to STOP SAM so the nonprofit can purchase and provide Mother Administered Nutritive Aid (MANA) to malnourished children around the world. The lifesaving packets of RUTF, Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food, are a simple blend of fortified peanut butter, milk and nutrients made right here in Georgia. Eating just three MANA packets a day for six to seven weeks returns a SAM-suffering child to sustainable good health

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