Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ray’s in the City Founding Chef Dean Berthelot Returns to Helm Kitchen

We all have those friends. The ones you may not have seen for a decade, but when you have a reunion, the two of you pick up right where you left off. Such is the story for Ray's in the City and “new” executive chef Dean Berthelot. Twelve years ago, Berthelot helped Ray's Restaurants founder Ray Schoenbaum open this shining star in downtown Atlanta’s culinary scene and shaped the restaurant’s menu and fine dining experience. Louisiana-born Berthelot began his culinary career in 1991 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans before moving on to his first executive chef position at NOLA’s House of Blues and opening other House of Blues locations. Atlanta-bound in 2001, he cheffed at The Cheesecake Factory. Ray’s snatched him up in 2003 to be executive sous chef at Ray’s on the River, tapping Berthelot to lead Schoenbaum’s new Ray’s in the City later that year. Berthelot was “Googled” to serve as executive chef at Atlanta’s four Google facilities in 2010. Here and now, this chef feels blessed to return to the world-class restaurant he helped open a dozen years ago. Ray’s “bestie” has come home. 

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