Friday, August 14, 2015

Order Your White Oak Pastures Thanksgiving Turkey Before Prices Fly Higher and Birds are All Booked

Save 20 percent on the price of a White Oak Pastures American Standard Bronze heritage breed turkey by placing your order before the price flies north on Saturday, August 15. A glistening roast turkey with gravy sets mouths to watering at the Thanksgiving table. Can’t say the same about hormones, antibiotics and cooped up birds -- so why invite them? White Oak Pastures’ birds are happy campers, raised free from hormones and antibiotics and free to roam and develop rich, forage-fed flavor before heading to the on-farm USDA-inspected poultry abattoir. A nationwide shortage of young turkeys to pasture raise and increased demand means a limited supply for this holiday season. Avoid poultry panic and save by ordering now. Prices before discount: $75 for small turkeys (8-12 lbs.), $100 for medium-sized (12.1-16 lbs.) and $125 for large (16.1 and heavier). Order through White Oak Pastures’ online store. All Thanksgiving turkey orders will be shipped Monday, November 16-Friday, November 20 to ensure timely delivery. 

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