Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gobble Savings on White Oak Pastures Thanksgiving Turkeys for Limited Time Starting July 31

Back to school sales are in full swing, reminding us it's time to buy pens, pencils, lunch boxes and...Thanksgiving turkeys. Save 20 percent off the price of a White Oak Pastures American Standard Bronze heritage breed turkey by placing an order for your bird between July 31-September 27. These hormone- and antibiotic-free birds are living the good life, pecking and foraging their way across the pasture lands of White Oak Pastures -- and developing the rich flavors industrial farm-raised ice-block turkeys lack -- before being humanely slaughtered in the on-farm USDA-inspected poultry abattoir. Prices before discount: $75 for small turkeys (8-12 lbs.), $100 for medium-sized (12.1-16 lbs.) and $125 for large (16.1 and heavier). Discount drops to 5 percent between September 28-November 1, and full pricing kicks in November 2. Order through White Oak Pastures’ online store. All Thanksgiving turkey orders will be shipped Monday, November 16-Friday, November 20 to ensure timely delivery. For savory savings, healthy birds and getting a jump on holiday planning, let us give thanks. 

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