Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Forecast Calls for Chicken and Waffles when Al Roker and SORTEDfood Visit 10th & Piedmont -- Watch the “TODAY” show June 24

NBC’s “TODAY” show weatherman Al Roker and the SORTEDfood blog guys pulled into 10th & Piedmont recently to investigate a hot spot shining on their respective radar screens: chicken and waffles with a chance of sorghum syrup, Sriracha and confectioner’s sugar. Roker knows his way around the kitchen as well as he does the weather map. The SORTEDfood bloggers? They’re clocking miles across the U.S.A. on a #LostAndHungry eating adventure, following lead suggestions from blog fans. All three gents join chef Javier Viera and owner Gilbert Yeremian for table talk and kitchen time to witness how Viera turns the tables on this dinner and breakfast food combo. The unconventional chef dunks skewered chicken and smoked bacon into waffle batter, runs it through the fryer and perches the crispy wonder alongside the sweet and spicy dipping trio. Roker’s camera entourage captured many a mouthwatering moment for the Wednesday, June 24 “TODAY” show segment. Convinced that yes, breakfast and dinner foods can share a plate and loving the “corn dog” approach, the SORTEDfood dudes are now chicken and waffle converts. (#todayshow, #sortedfood)

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